1978-12-13 Masashi Kudo w pts 15 Ho Joo, Prefectural Gym, Osaka, Japan - WBA

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1978-12-13 Masashi Kudo w pts 15 Ho-In Joo, Prefectural Gym, Osaka, Japan - WBA. Referee: Paul Field. Scorecards: 148-144, 149-144, 145-148. Although expected to go forward from the opening bell, Kudo (153½) began cautiously and was happy to pick up points from distance while having a good look at his challenger. From the fourth onwards, Joo (154), a hard-hitting counter puncher, perked up to start sending in left hooks to Kudo’s face and, at the same time, was looking to smash in heavy uppercuts. By the eighth it looked as though Kudo had finally worked Juh out when darting in to land fast one-twos before getting on the back foot again, with the latter lacking the mobility to catch him. While the ninth through 11th were slow rounds, Kudo piled up more points in the 12th with great combinations to Joo’s head before things became extremely messy with lots of clinching as the champion ran the fight down.