1979-10-24 Ayub Kalule w pts 15 Masashi Kudo, Prefectural Gym, Akita, Japan - WBA

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1979-10-24 [[[Ayub Kalule]] w pts 15 Masashi Kudo, Prefectural Gym, Akita, Japan - WBA. Referee: Bobby Ferrera. Scorecards: 149-139, 146-139, 149-145. With the upright champion adopting a defensive approach, Kalule (153¾) took charge from the opening bell and from the second through the fourth he began to cut the ring down, firing in some solid shots, the prime one being the southpaw straight left to the body. By the fifth it was clear that Kudo (154) knew he would have to win inside the distance if he wanted to hold on to his belt and he started to let straight rights go, one of which had Kalule stumbling. Although Kudo began to punch it out later in the fight, invariably he was coming of worse when being caught by heavy counters. Despite his left eye beginning to close, Kudo did reasonably well in the 12th and 13th, but when Kalule dropped him on the bell to end the 13th it seemed to be all over. Surprisingly, Kalule didn’t press his advantage in the 14th or the 15th, being happy to cruise to victory, despite the ridiculous closeness on two of the cards.