1980-04-03 Sam Serrano w rsc 13 (15) Battlehawk Kazama, Central Gym, Nara, Japan - WBA

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1980-04-03 Sam Serrano w rsc 13 (15) Battle Hawk Kazama, Central Gym, Nara, Japan - WBA. Referee: Stan Christodoulou. Returning to the ring after almost a year out of action with hand injuries and a number of other problems, Serrano (129½) put his title on the line against the switch-hitting Kazama (129¾). Although there had been no knockdowns, Serrano, way out in front by dint of his clever boxing, finally caught up with the fading Japanese champion in the 13th with a left hook that sent Kazama staggering against the ropes. It was all over bar the shouting and with the exhausted Kazama covering up unsuccessfully from a battery of lefts and rights the referee decided he had seen enough and brought the fight to an end with just 45 seconds having elapsed.