1981-09-22 Lupe Pintor w co 15 (15) Hurricane Teru, Aichi Prefectural Stadium, Nagoya, Japan - WBC

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1981-09-22 Lupe Pintor w co 15 (15) Hurricane Teru, Aichi Prefecural Stadium, Nagoya, Japan - WBC. Referee: Isidro Rodriguez. Having had to make three trips to the scales before making the weight and being cut over the left eye in the second round, Pintor (118) appeared sluggish in the first half of the fight before coming back to get in front of Teru (118), who was floored in the 13th session and saved by the bell. The light-hitting Teru was now really up against it and Pintor put him down again, in the final round, with a short left hook. Although Teru got to his feet at ‘eight’ the referee continued counting to ten.

After winning with 58 seconds of the contest left, Pintor was now experiencing hand problems that forced him to have two operations and kept him out of the ring for close on nine months.