1982-08-07 Dwight Braxton (Muhammad Qawi) w rsc 6 (15) Matthew Saad Muhammad, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - WBC

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1982-08-07 Dwight Muhammad Qawi w rsc 6 (15) Matthew Saad Muhammad The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - WBC. Referee: Carlos Padilla. In a return contest, Braxton (174½) having won the title from Muhammad (175), the champion took over from the opening bell and was in control whether it was inside or at long range. Muhammad was badly hurt in the second and in the third had his gumshield knocked out as well as being dropped for the mandatory ‘eight’ count following an assortment of heavy blows. Having fought back as best as he could in the next two rounds, Muhammad was soon up against it in the sixth as Braxton ploughed forward and when unable to fight back the contest was stopped at 1.23 of the session. From then on Braxton would be known by his Islamic name of Dwight Muhammad Qawi.