1982-10-30 Marvin Hagler w co 5 (15) Fulgencio Obelmejias, Ariston Theatre, San Remo, Italy - WORLD

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1982-10-30 Marvin Hagler w co 5 (15) Fulgencio Obelmejias, Ariston Theatre, San Remo, Italy - WORLD. Referee: Ernesto Magana. A return match between southpaws saw the champion yet again have too much for the gallant Obelmejias (159¼), who for the opening two rounds looked as though he would give Hagler (158½) problems. However, in the third Hagler began to take a grip of matters. Having punched Obelmejias all over the ring in the fourth it was only the bell that saved the Venezuelan. Tired and running out of ideas, with Obelmejias a sitting target for Hagler in the fifth a rapid succession of blows from both hands, followed by a right hook, sent him down to be counted out with 25 seconds of the session remaining.

Towards the end of the year, the WBC announced that as from 1 January 1983 they would be recognising 12-round contests as the recognised distance for world title fights. However, as Hagler had already signed a three-fight agreement, stipulating 15-round defences, with his promoter, Bob Arum, the WBC would ultimately have to accept that situation.

Hagler’s next defence would come against Tony Sibson, who had outpointed Dwight Davison over 12 rounds at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England on 21 February 1982 to win a final eliminator as recognised by the WBC. A two-handed, solid puncher, Sibson had won 47 of 51 contests, beating men such as Roy Gumbs, Willie Classen, Chisanda Mutti, Norberto Cabrera and Alan Minter. He was also the former British, Commonwealth and European champion.