1982-11-26 Larry Holmes w pts 15 Randall Cobb, The Astrodome, Houston, Texas, USA - WBC

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1982-11-26 Larry Holmes w pts 15 Tex Cobb, The Astrodome, Houston, Texas, USA - WBC. Referee: Steve Crosson. Scorecards: 150-135, 149-136, 150-135. Despite being outclassed by Holmes (217½) the challenger, who finished with cuts and swellings around both eyes, was never on the floor and was always looking to fight back. It was soon clear that if Cobb (234¼) wanted to get to grips with the smooth-boxing Holmes he would have to take the fight to him and that is just what he did regardless of walking on to punches throughout. Several times in the fight Cobb was wobbled when hammered by both hands, but he was still there at the final bell to receive the plaudits for his great display of courage in becoming only the second challenger to stay the distance with Holmes.

Towards the end of the year, the WBC announced that, as from 1 January 1983, all world title bouts held under their banner would be contested over 12 rounds.