1982-12-15 Ossie Ocasio w pts 15 Young Joe Louis (Eddie Taylor), Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Illinois, USA - WBA

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1982-12-15 Ossie Ocasio w pts 15 Young Joe Louis, Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Illinois, USA - WBA. Referee: Isidro Rodriguez. Scorecards: 147-143, 146-142, 147-144. Due to take place in Gary, Indian the fight was moved to Chicago on the day of the promotion taking place due to a dispute over local judges covering the fight other tan the WBA’s own officials. The better boxer of the pair, Ocasio (188½) got away well with sharp scoring punches from both hands and outworked the challenger for considerable periods. Making a moving target and showing speed of hand and foot, Ocasio was just too quick for Louis (187½), who despite landing well with body shots and rights to the head was unable to build on his advantage for any length of time. Louis did have some success in the tenth and 11th, but by then he had picked up a swelling over the left eye, which allowed Ocasio to take advantage of the situation and get back in control.