1983-02-13 Donald Curry w pts 15 Jun-Suk Hwang, Civic Centre, Fort Worth, Texas, USA - WBA

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1983-02-13 Donald Curry w pts 15 Jun-Sok Hwang, Civic Centre, Fort Worth, Texas, USA - WBA. Referee: Roberto Ramirez. Scorecards: 146-139, 148-140, 146-139. Contesting the vacant title, Curry (146¼) had to get off the floor after being put down by a right swing to the jaw in the seventh and was forced to take several wild blows to the head before being accorded the decision. Using stiff left jabs and hooks to pile up the points, Curry was never a ease against the wild-swinging Hwang (147), who more often than not missed with big left hooks and overarm rights as he stormed into the American. Occasionally Curry opened up with both hands, but after hurting his right in the 12th he stuck to his boxing.

In April, Curry was given added support as champion by the recently constituted United States Boxing Association (USBA/I), who would be renamed as the International Boxing Federation (IBF) in late October.