1983-11-25 Larry Holmes w rsc 1 (12) Marvis Frazier, Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - WBC

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1983-11-25 Larry Holmes w rsc 1 (12) Marvis Frazier, Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - WBC. Referee: Mills Lane. Up against the unbeaten 23-year-old son of Joe Frazier, the champion made a much quicker start than normal and was completely dominant as he went about dismantling his rival. Officially this was not recognised as a title fight by the WBC as they considered that the ten-fight Frazier (200) was not of championship standard. However, as far as Holmes (219) was concerned he was defending his title and before too long he had put Frazier down with a solid right to the head after measuring him with the left. Although Frazier made it up at ‘nine’ he was now at Holmes’ mercy and after the latter had slammed in at least nine or ten heavy rights the referee stopped the fight with three seconds of the round remaining. Holmes relinquished the WBC version of the title at their convention on 11 December, having rejected an offer to defend against his number-one challenger, Greg Page, who had outpointed Renaldo Snipes over 12 rounds at the Dunes Hotel, Las Vegas on 20 May in a final eliminator. While stating that he had not been offered enough money for the Page fight and would be negotiating his own fights in future, Holmes also announced that he had accepted recognition from the recently formed International Boxing Federation (IBF) with immediate effect. Earlier, in late October, at their first convention, the IBF had announced that they would be recognising Tim Witherspoon as the champion after previously recognising Holmes when member States of the United States Boxing Association (USBA) voted to set up an international body (USBA/I) back in April. The WBC’s immediate response was that Page would meet Witherspoon, who had stopped James Tillis in one round on 23 September at The Coliseum, Richfield, Ohio, to contest the vacancy.