1984-04-15 Milton McCrory w rsc 6 (12) Gilles Elbilia, Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan, USA - WBC

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1984-04-15Milton McCrory w rsc 6 (12) Gilles Ebilia, Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan, USA - WBC. Referee: Carlos Padilla. After outboxing his challenger in the opening round, McCrory (146½) started to land heavily with left hooks and solid left jabs in the second and even at this stage it didn’t look as though the fight would go the distance. Cut over the left eye in the second, Ebilia (146) looked shaky and his best punches had no effect on McCrory. Coming into the sixth, it looked to be just a matter of time and after Ebilia had been dropped by a left hook for the mandatory ‘eight’ count and was being driven around the ring the referee stopped it on the 1.08 mark.