1985-04-15 Marvin Hagler w rsc 3 (12) Thomas Hearns, Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - WORLD

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1985-04-15 Marvin Hagler w rsc 3 (12) Thomas Hearns, Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - WORLD. Referee: Richard Steele. In a fight that would see Hagler (159¼) assuming the mantle of greatness, he defended his title against Hearns (159¾), the WBC junior middleweight champion. With both men tearing into each other with an intensity rarely seen, and both landing heavy blows, it was clear to all and sundry that this one was not going to go the distance. Towards the end of the opening session, with Hearns in trouble on the ropes but fighting back Hagler was badly cut between the eyes. In the second, when Hagler was cut under the right eye in his anxiousness to put Hearns away there were fears that he may have punched himself out with the latter remaining on his feet. Bleeding heavily, Hagler tore into Hearns, and following a southpaw right hook that had the latter losing control of his legs three more heavy blows had him over. Even though Hearns amazingly got up at ‘six’ there was no way the referee was going to let him continue, the fight being over with 1.08 of the session remaining.

Due to defend the world title against John Mugabi in Nevada on 14 November, the match was called off two weeks before due to Hagler suffering a broken nose in sparring. There were also fears that the champion had suffered a ruptured disc in his lower back, which had already caused him to miss two weeks of training. After the doctors had advised him that his back condition should heal within three weeks and that he should not spar for at least six weeks, the promoter announced that the fight would take place in February or March 1986.