1986-07-06 Chong-Pal Park tdraw 2 (15) Lindell Holmes, Sports Arena, Chungju, South Korea - IBF

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1986-07-06 Chong-Pal Park tech draw 2 (15) Lindell Holmes, Sports Arena, Chungju, South Korea - IBF. Referee: James Reilly. Classified as a technical draw by the IBF, the fight came to an abrupt end at 1.17 of the second round after Park (168) was accidentally cut over the left eye following a clash of heads and the ringside doctor advised the referee to stop the fight as the cut was too dangerous for the champion to continue. Both men had got the fight underway with left hand leads as they looked to find openings and although there was no real action to speak of it looked like Holmes (166) was going to make it an interesting evening. This was the first world title contest that was decided in this fashion and I have followed this example wherever a fight, caused by an accident, ends too early for the scorecards to be of use, which is normally prior to three completed rounds. The other example of a technical draw is where a fight ends summarily and goes to the scorecards, only for the two fighters to be adjudged level on points.