1986-11-02 Khaosai Galaxy w rsc 5 (15) Israel Contreras, National Theatre, Willemstad, Curacao, DWI - WBA

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1986-11-02 Kaosai Galaxy w rsc 5 (15) Israel Contrerras, National Theatre, Willemstad, Curacao, DWI - WBA. Referee: Carlos Berrocal. Although Contrerras (114¾) made a bright start, in the third and fourth rounds Galaxy (114¼) dropped him after landing with some heavy body blows and it was clear that the challenger would not be able to stand up against that kind of punishment for too long. The referee brought the contest to an end 53 seconds into the fifth session after Contrerras, who had been cornered and pounded by lefts and rights to the body, took a thunderous blow to the solar plexus which left him in agony.