1987-05-08 Jeff Fenech w rsc 4 (12) Samart Payakaroon, Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia - WBC

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1987-05-08 Jeff Fenech w rsc 4 (12) Samart Payakarun, Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia - WBC. Referee: Arthur Mercante. Having moved up from bantam, Fenech (122) produced a terrific display of box-fighting to unhinge Payakarun (121¾) from his title, despite being handed a count in the first round when off balance. There was no doubting that the Thai was the fastest of the pair, but Fenech would not leave him alone and chased his man relentlessly. With the pressure mounting in the fourth, the champion was unable to fight back as the punches from head to body took everything out of him and he was rescued at 2.42 just after hitting the floor, out to the world.