1987-07-04 Kelvin Seabrooks nc 9 (15) Thierry Jacob, Circus Tent, Calais, France - IBF

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1987-07-04 Kelvin Seabrooks nc 9 (15) Thierry Jacob, Calais, France - IBF. Referee: Paul Venti. Down after just 12 seconds of the fight commencing and badly cut over the right eye in round three, the southpaw challenger could hardly have made a worse start. However, Jacob (118) fought back wonderfully well to floor Seabrooks (118) three times before remaining in his corner at the end of the ninth round after his manager refused to let him continue due to the worsening injury.

Unfortunately for Jacob, his manager had misinterpreted the IBF ruling on accidental head clashes occuring after six rounds and the referee awarded the contest to Seabrooks. An hour later, the IBF officials in charge amended the result to that of no contest.