1987-07-18 Mike McCallum w co 5 (15) Donald Curry, Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - WBA

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1987-07-18 Mike McCallum w co 5 (15) Donald Curry, Caesar’s Palce, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - WBA. Referee: Richard Steele. The former welterweight titleholder, Curry (154), looked as good as ever when mixing up his punches and he nearly had the champion over in the second round when landing a crashing right to the head. Even when McCallum (153¾) had regained his equilibrium, Curry looked to be in control and in both the third and fourth he scored with crisp punches to head and body, a swelling over his left eye not seeming to bother him. The fifth saw more of the same as Curry continued to make the pace, but out of the blue he was dropped by a tremendous left hook to the jaw that saw him counted out at 1.14 of the session. McCallum, who had obviously been biding his time and was behind on the cards, explained afterwards that having shown Curry the right uppercut he went to the body with a left hook before shifting to the head. McCallum relinquished the WBA version of the title in September to campaign in the middleweight division. Following the WBA convention, held in October, the body announced that in future all world title bouts held under their auspices would be contested over 12 rounds.