1987-10-28 Jorge Vaca w tdec 8 (12) Lloyd Honeyghan, Grand Hall, Wembley, London, England - IBF/WBC

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1987-10-28 Jorge Vaca w tdec 8 (12) Lloyd Honeyghan, Grand Hall, Wembley, London, England - IBF/WBC. Referee: Henry Elesperu. Scorecards: 67-65, 67-66, 65-67. Fighting well below his best in a give-and-take battle and boxing wildly at times, the champion ended the second round with a swelling under the right eye as Vaca (147) matched him blow for blow. Indeed, it was Vaca who was often doing the better work and was taking the best punches that Honeyghan (146¾) had on offer. Honeyghan had a good round in the fifth, but in the sixth he went badly low and although Vaca was given half a minute to rest the champion failed to have a point deducted. Honeyghan was in trouble at the end of the seventh as Vaca, now cut over the left eye, smashed in a tremendous left hook to the head. However, with the contest nicely poised in the eighth heads came together with a sickening crack, leaving Vaca with a deep, jagged cut over the right eye and unable to continue. Inexplicably, because the head clash was obviously an accidental one, the referee asked the judges to deduct a point from Honeyghan’s total and then add up the scores, which gave the fight to the Mexican. Without the point deduction, Honeyghan would have held on to his title.

Not recognised as a title bout by the IBF due to the duration of the bout being over 12 rounds and not 15, as required by that body, Vaca was not given credence by them as champion. The new IBF champion would be decided once Simon Brown and Tyrone Trice settled their fight for the vacant title.