1987-11-18 Kelvin Seabrooks w rsc 4 (15) Ernie Cataluna, Circus Tent, San Cataldo, Sicily, Italy - IBF

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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18 November Kelvin Seabrooks w rsc 4 (15) Ernie Cataluna, San Cataldo, Sicily, Italy - IBF. Referee: Al Rothenberg. In another trademark battle of attrition, Seabrooks (117¼), who was down twice and almost out in the first round, came firing back two-fistedly to take the play away from Cataluna (117) and ultimately make another successful defence. Prior to that, the Filipino must have thought that he was about to become a champion after having the former 24-year-old dishwasher on the run, but on being floored two times in the fourth and under taking severe punishment he was rescued by the referee on the 2.52 mark.