1988-03-12 Graciano Rocchigiani w rsc 8 (15) Vincent Boulware, Dusseldorf , Germany - IBF

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1988-03-12 Graciano Rocchigiani w rsc 8 (15) Vince Boulware, Dusseldorf , Germany - IBF. Referee: Joe Santarpia. In a contest for the vacant title, Rocchigiani (166½) had Boulware (168) in real trouble in the third, slowing him down with southpaw left hooks to the body, and although the American came back well in the fifth and sixth he was soon up against it in the seventh. Badly hurt but refusing to go down, Boulware made it into the eighth, but after twice being on the verge of a knockdown he was rescued by the referee at 2.11 of the session, his right eye almost closed and totally out of steam.