1988-04-11 Greg Haugen w tdec 11 (15) Miguel Santana, The Dome, Tacoma, Washington, USA - IBF

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1988-04-11 Greg Haugen w tdec 11 (15) Miguel Santana, The Dome, Tacoma, Washington, USA - IBF. Referee: Jim Cassidy. Scorecards: 106-103, 106-103, 103-106. Looking sluggish this was a difficult fight for the champion, and although he was able to score with jabs and counters in the early rounds the determined Santana (134¾) was always there right in front of him. Despite being cut over the right eye in the sixth and having a point deducted for holding and hitting in the seventh, Santana was starting to take over with rights to the head hurting Haugen (135). After a tired-looking Haugen was cut over the left eye in the ninth, from then on through to the 11th it seemed that Santana could not miss with rights over the top. Then, in the 11th with the title seemingly on its way to changing hands, following a clash of heads that left Haugen badly cut over the right eye at the end of the session the referee stopped the contest.

Announced as a stoppage win for Santana, shortly afterwards it transpired that under IBF Rules if a fighter could not continue due to an accidental collision of heads after more than five rounds had been completed the result would be determined by the scorecards. Thus, as Haugen had won on two judges' scorecards, Santana’s joy was short lived.

During the summer, the IBF announced that all world title bouts held under their auspices would, as from 1 September, be contested over 12 rounds, thus falling into line with the WBA and WBC who already operated over that distance.