1988-07-31 Buddy McGirt w co 1 (15) Howard Davis, MSG Theatre, Manhattan, NYC, New York, USA - IBF

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1988-07-31 James McGirt w co 1 (15) Howard Davis Jr, MSG Theatre, Manhattan, NYC, New York, USA - IBF. Referee: Joe Santarpia. Making his first defence, McGirt (138) was pitted against Davis (139¾), a substitute for Meldrick Taylor, and the fans appeared to be in for a long night as the latter began the fight on his bike, throwing out the jab. Whether or not having to get a stone off in three weeks would make life much tougher for Davis would remain an unknown factor as McGirt, quickly closing him down, rammed in a big right to the head which sent him crashing to be counted out after 2.45 of the first. Afterwards McGirt stated that he’d been working on his right because he felt that Davis would feel that the left hook would be the danger punch. Prior to the fight, the IBF had announced that, as from 1 September, all world title bouts held under their banner would be contested over 12 rounds, thus bringing them into line with the WBA and WBC.

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