1988-11-06 Myung-Woo Yuh w co 7 Udin Baharudin, Swiss Grand Hotel, Seoul, South Korea - WBA

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1988-11-06 Myung-Woo Yuh w co 7 Bahar Udin, Swiss Grand Hotel, Seoul, South Korea - WBA. Referee: Kenjiro Makizumi. A big underdog, Udin (106½) was floored in the second round and, against all the odds, somehow stayed in the fight until being dropped by a battery of short lefts and rights in the seventh to be counted out on the 2.40 mark. In retaining the title for the tenth time, Yuh (108) again displayed his much vaunted power. Following the setting up of the World Boxing Organisation (WBO) in November, which came about after 27 delegates had walked out of the WBA convention in disgust at the way things were being handled, the new organisation nominated Jose DeJesus and Fernando Martinez to fight for their version of the vacant title.