1989-02-11 Rene Jacquot w pts 12 Donald Curry, Sports Palace, Grenoble, France - WBC

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1989-02-11 Rene Jacquot w pts 12 Don Curry, Sports Palace, Grenoble, France - WBC. Referee: Jean Deswert. Scorecards: 117-113, 118-115, 118-116. Often outhustled and outpunched, the champion was a shell of the man who won the welterweight title a few years back and was unable to stem the tide as the vigorous Jacquot (153) took over in the sixth and proceeded build up points. Although he made a reasonable start, taking four of the opening five rounds, Curry (154) had difficulty landing effectively once the Frenchman got into his stride and wasn’t able to lift himself when he needed to. By the eighth it was clear that the flat-footed Curry was tiring badly and Jacquot took full advantage of the situation when driving his rival around the ring, landing lefts and rights to the head. Occasionally, Curry smashed in solid blows, but he was unable to follow them up and the mechanical Jacquot, despite being shaken up at times, merely backed off until coming again.