1989-02-19 Sung-Kil Moon w rsc 5 Chiaki Kobayashi, Municipal Gym, Taejon, South Korea - WBA

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19 February Sung-Kil Moon w rsc 5 Chaiki Kobayashi, Municipal Gym, Taejon, South Korea - WBA. Referee: Larry Rozadilla. After sizing the challenger up in the opening round, Moon (117½) waded in with volleys of blows from both hands, looking to blow his rival away in quick time. However, Kobayashi (117¼) showed much toughness in absorbing the punches coming his way and in ducking, weaving and clinching he kept in the fight until telling blows to head and body saw him saved by the bell to end the fourth. Under constant pressure in the fifth, with punches coming in thick and fast, the referee halted proceedings on the 2.38 mark in order to save the game Kobayashi from taking further punishment.