1989-06-03 Glenn McCrory w pts 12 Patrick Lumumba, Louisa Centre, Stanley, England - IBF

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1989-06-03 Glenn McCrory w pts 12 Patrick Lumumba, Louise Centre, Stanley, England - IBF. Referee: Randy Neumann. Scorecards: 118-110, 116-111, 118-111. Billed for the title vacated by Evander Holyfield, it was McCrory (190) all the way as the little known Lumumba (187¾), who got his chance when beating Jeff Lampkin some 13 months earlier, offered little. Boxing more like a sparring partner, Lumumba occasionally stung McCrory with sharp blows, but it was not enough to influence the scoring and even in the last third had he stepped up the pace it would have been much closer. As it was, McCrory boxed well within himself, the left jab and solid rights winning the fight for him, and at the final bell Lumumba was completely sold out despite his lack of effort.