1989-12-09 Kamel Bou-Ali w rsc 8 Antonio Rivera, Sports Palace, Teramo, Italy - WBO

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1989-12-09 Kamel Bou Ali w rsc 8 Antonio Rivera, Sports Palace, Teramo, Italy - WBO. Contested for the title vacated by Juan Molina, Bou Ali walked straight out, tossing in left hooks and towards the end of the round had dropped Rivera, but after both men had traded furiously the latter caught the Tunisian with a big left uppercut in the third and it was his turn to visit the canvas. It then became a war of attrition with Rivera looking the more controlled of the two before Bou Ali unleashed a tremendous left hook that dropped the Puerto Rican for ‘nine’ in the eighth and forced a stoppage on the 2.36 mark when the referee decided that he was not fit to continue.

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