1989-12-16 Francesco Damiani w rtd 2 Daniel Neto, Sports Palace, Cesena, Italy - WBO

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1989-12-16 Francesco Damiani w rtd 2 Daniel Netto, Sports Palace, Cesena, Italy - WBO. Referee: Bernie Soto. In what was clearly a mismatch, Damiani (229) soon had the South American cruiserweight champion in trouble and dropped him with a left hook towards the end of the first round. Up at the count of ‘five’, Netto (198¼) was saved by the bell, only to be put under immediate pressure again at the start of the second. Following up several solid combination punches with a right uppercut that drove Netto into a corner, the latter was floored for the second time when Damiani sent in two short rights to the head and although he beat the count his corner threw in the towel, the fight coming to an end at 1.57 of the session.