1990-08-17 Loreto Garza w pts 12 Juan Martin Coggi, The Acropolis, Nice, France - WBA

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1990-08-17 Loreta Garza w pts 12 Juan Martin Coggi, The Acropolis, Nice, France - WBA. Referee: Ernesto Magana. Scorecards: 116-115, 116-114, 115-115. Having made a reasonable start, Garza (139) soon began to force the fight when shaking up the southpaw champion with solid rights and even when he was being pushed back his countering punches found their mark with accuracy. As the fight wore on Coggi (139½) became more anxious, while Garza grew in confidence and it was only in the eighth that the champion began to take control from the centre of the ring for the first time. Even so, Coggi was still taking too many punches without being busy enough himself and in his desperation to find a finisher in the ninth he threw himself off balance. That just about summed up Coggi’s performance and even though he tried hard enough he couldn’t find any answers, the only other surprise being the closeness of his defeat on the cards.

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