1990-08-18 Nigel Benn w rsc 1 Iran Barkley, Bally’s Park Place Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - WBO

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1990-08-18 Nigel Benn w rsc 1Iran Barkley, Bally’s Park Place Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - WBO. Referee: Carlos Padilla. Making his first defence, Benn (159½) retained his title under the three knockdowns in a round ruling with just three seconds of the opening session remaining. Straight from the opening bell Benn charged into Barkley (160), hitting him with a tremendous right to the head before dropping him with a left hook. Back on his feet Barkley met Benn punch for punch before being put down again with a left hook and being struck while on the floor. The final blow was not considered by the referee to have been significant as Barkley took most of the ‘eight’ count on his feet, and although it was close to the completion of the round Benn brought the contest to an end with a powerful right to the head.

Prior to the fight taking place there had been a fair amount of disquiet over the fact that Barkley had been out of action for a year following defeats at the hands of Roberto Duran and Michael Nunn, as well as having surgery for a detached retina.