1990-10-18 Michael Nunn w rsc 10 Donald Curry, Sports Palace, Paris, France - IBF

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1990-10-18 Michael Nunn w rsc 10 Don Curry, Sports Palace, Paris, France - IBF. Referee: Denny Nelson. A double world champion at welter and junior middle, Curry (158) decided from the beginning that he would give it his best shot in the early rounds and he was still giving the southpaw champion plenty to think about right up to the end of the sixth despite being behind on the cards. It was clear that Curry was tiring in the seventh and Nunn (159¾) dropped his man for ‘eight’ with a good uppercut. It was generally felt that this was it, but Curry got through the round and the ninth before Nunn, speeding up, eventually put him down following 14 unanswered blows to head and body in the tenth. With Curry on one knee but looking as though there was not much left in the tank, the referee interrupted the count and stopped the fight on the 1.59 mark.