1990-11-23 Christophe Tiozzo w rsc 2 Dan Morgan, Cergy Hall, Cergy-Pontise, Val D'Oise, France - WBA

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1990-11-23 Christophe Tiozzo w rsc 2 Danny Morgan, Cergy Hall, Marigot, Pontoise, France - WBA. Referee: Franco Priami. Although dominating Morgan (168) with accurate left jabs and right crosses, the champion picked up a bad cut over the nose and left eye before the opening session came to a close and returned to his corner determined to get the fight over as soon as possible. Roaring out for the second, both hands blazing away, Tiozzo (167¾) soon had Morgan in difficulty before a cracking left hook put the American down. Having got up at ‘eight’, Morgan was blasted by lefts and rights to head and body before the referee had seen enough and stopped the contest on the 2.38 mark.