1991-07-20 Anaclet Wamba w rsc 11 Massimilliano Duran, Athletic Track, Palermo, Sicily - WBC

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1991-07-20 Anaclet Wamba w rsc 11 Masimilliano Duran, Athletic Track, Palermo, Sicily - WBC. Referee: Arthur Mercante. Following their controversial earlier meeting, Wamba (189½) was given another crack at the champion and this time he made no mistake. Boxing behind the left jab Duran (183¾) made a fair start, but after being cut over the right eye in the second round he was happy to jab and hold in order to protect the damage. Deducted a point in the fourth for excessive holding on, Duran tired as the fight moved on and in the eighth he continually pushed Wamba into the ropes without being cautioned. Never really able to use his jab to advantage, at the nd of the tenth Wamba was marginally ahead on the cards, having been deducted a point in that session for dangerous headwork. In the 11th having already slipped over, Duran was totally exhausted and when Wamba sent him to the floor following a two-fisted attack the referee called the fight off with 42 seconds on the clock.