1991-09-19 Joichiro Tatsuyoshi w rtd 10 Greg Richardson, Moriguchi City Gym, Tokyo, Japan - WBC

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19 September Joichiro Tatsuyoshi w rtd 10 Greg Richardson, Moriguchi City Gym, Tokyo, Japan - WBC. Referee: Tony Perez. After a fairly measured start, Tatsuyoshi (117¼) decided to work the body to slow the older man down and while Richardson (116) came back strongly in the seventh round to batter the challenger to the head he was soon a spent force. In the tenth session, Tatsuyoshi attacked Richardson from head to body and although it seemed that the latter would keel over he somehow made it back to his corner, where he was retired at the end of the round. Following the fight, it was later discovered that Tatsuyoshi had suffered a ruptured retina and it was reported that he would be forced to retire. On that basis, the WBC set up a match between Victor Rabanales and Yong-Hoon Lee to decide the vacant title, but after it was learned that the doctors were hopeful of Tatsuyoshi returning to action in the not too distant future and that the champion was not retiring, Rabanales v Lee was retrospecively recognised as having being for the ‘interim’ title. Contested on 30 March 1992 at the Great Western Forum, Los Angeles, California, USA, Rabanales won on a ninth-round technical decision after he had been accidentally cut following a head clash and then went on to defend the ‘interim title’ twice more before Tatsuyoshi was fit to box again, defeating Luis Ocampo (w rsc 4 at the Bullring, Tuxtla, Mexico on 16 May 1992) and Chang-Kyun Oh (w pts 12 at the Great Western Forum on 27 July 1992).