1991-10-12 James Toney w rsc 4 Francesco Dell'Aquila, Louis 11 Stadium, Monte Carlo, Monaco - IBF

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1991-10-12 James Toney w rsc 4 Francisco Dell' Aquila, Louis 11 Stadium, Monte Carlo, Monaco - IBF. Referee: Frank Cappuccino. The big talking point of the fight was the fact that the IBF allowed Toney to defend his title despite being almost half a pound over the weight. When it was clear that Toney would be unable to get the excess poundage off at the third time of asking, the Italian camp agreed for the fight to go ahead. Toney was even registered by the officials as being 72,550 kilos (inside the required 160lbs).

Trying to box on the back foot and clearly outgunned, Dell’ Aquila (158½) was dropped in the first round by three solid blows to the head before making it into the fourth due to Toney’s lack of condition. Toney stepped it up during that session, blasting in blows from both hands as the outclassed Italian, his right cheek badly swollen, tried to move out of the danger zone. The end was clearly in sight and when Dell’ Aquila was eventually belted to the canvas, having been hit by a whole battery of shots, the referee called it off without bothering with the count.