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1991-12-13 Anaclet Wamba w rsc 11 Masimilliano Duran, Bercy Sports Palace, Paris, France - WBC. Referee: Richard Steele. The third contest between the pair saw the champion get his left jab working early on and apart from the fifth, when Duran (184½) scored well with jabs and hooks, he was pretty well dominant from thereon. By the ninth the pace had dropped considerably as the men tired, and in the tenth things became even more difficult for Duran when he was cut between both eyes. Things got even worse for Duran in the 11th when he was cut over the left eye and Wamba (189½) seized on the opportunity to batter the Italian with both hands. When it was clear that Duran, who was extremely tired, was unable to defend himself properly the referee came to his rescue at 1.16 of the session.