1992-04-09 Gianfranco Rosi w rsc 6 Angel Hernandez Gonzalez, Sports Palace, Celano, Italy - IBF

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1992-04-09 Gianfranco Rosi w rsc 6 Angel Gonzalez Hernandez, Sports Palace, Celano, Italy - IBF. Referee: Dale Grable. Making his 11th title defence, Rosi (153¼) was in command all the way and by the fourth round his combinations to head and body had already started to wear Hernandez (152½) down. To his credit, Hernandez was always looking to get inside, but with Rosi’s left lead finding its mark time and again he had little luck. At this stage it was clear to see that the Spaniard was gradually having the fight knocked out of him. After being dropped in the sixth by a left hook, Hernandez got to his feet and immediately walked to his corner, an action that prompted the referee to call the fight off after 26 seconds of the session.