1992-04-10 Katsuya Onizuka w pts 12 Thanomsak Sithbaobay, Metropolitan Gym, Tokyo, Japan - WBA

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1992-04-10 Katsuya Onizuka w pts 12 Thanomsak Sithboabay, Metropolitan Gym, Tokyo, Japan - WBA. Referee: Steve Smoger. Scorecards: 115-114, 115-114, 116-114. Fighting for the title that had been vacated by Khaosai Galaxy, the unbeaten Onizuka (115), cut on the right eye in the fifth, appeared lucky to be crowned champion after being dominated by Sithboabay (115) during the first five rounds. Despite often being pinned on the ropes and battered from all angles, from the sixth onwards the Thai was content to box and Onizuka got more and more into the fight, but he still did not seem to have done enough.