1992-11-27 Manning Galloway tdraw 1 Gert Bo Jacobsen, Town Hall, Randers, Denmark - WBO

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1992-11-27 Manning Galloway nd 1 Gert Bo Jacobsen, Town Hall, Randers, Denmark - WBO. Referee: Ismael Fernandez. The fight had not long been started when there was an accidental coming together of heads that opened a cut on Jacobsen’s temple and led to the contest being halted after blood continued to spurt unabated from the wound. WBO rules stated that because the fight had failed to go beyond the third round it should be classified as a no decision and, under those conditions, the officials were looking for Galloway (146½) to defend against Jacobsen (145) as soon as the wound had healed and it was convenient for another show to go ahead.