1993-02-13 Markus Bott w pts 12 Tyrone Booze, Alsterdorfer Sports Hall, Hamburg, Germany - WBO

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1993-02-13 Markus Bott w pts 12 Tyrone Booze, Alsterdorf Sports Hall, Hamburg, Germany - WBO. Referee: Ismael Quinones-Falu. Scorecards: 117-113, 117-112, 117-112. Staying with the champion throughout, Bott (188) was good value for his win, landing the better punches, but he was made to fight every inch of the way. Booze (188) had not arrived in Germany to lose and even when he was being outworked he would quickly bounce back. As the contest moved into the final stages and Bott picked up the pace due to his superb condition, despite Booze tiring he continued to make it difficult and was still fighting hard at the final bell.