1993-09-10 Terry Norris w rsc 1 Joe Gatti, The Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas, USA - WBC

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1993-09-10 Terry Norris w rsc 1 Joe Gatti, The Alamadome, San Antonio, Texas, USA - WBC. Referee: David Avalos. Not up to championship standard, Gatti (153¾) only lasted 88 seconds and hardly landed a blow in anger as the champion dismantled him with ease. Within moments of the opening bell when Norris (153½) slipped a lead and countered heavily, it could be seen that it was going to be an early night for him and confirmation of that came when Gatti was dropped by a left hook. Having taken the mandatory count, Gatti tried to fight back, but was overwhelmed by all manner of heavy shots before crashing down from a vicious right hand to the temple. That was it as far as the referee was concerned and waiving it off without starting to count the fight was over.