1994-07-23 Alfred Cole w pts 12 Nate Miller, Civic Centre, Bismarck, North Dakota, USA - IBF

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1994-07-23 Al Cole w pts 12 Nate Miller, Civic Centre, Bismark, North Dakota, USA - IBF. Referee: Denny Nelson. Scorecards: 115-113, 117-111, 117-111. Closely contested over the opening eight rounds, it was only in the latter stages that Cole (188) made sure of retaining his title. Even then he had to come through difficult times when hurt by heavy rights to the head, especially in the ninth and 11th when Miller (190) opened up. The loudest cheer of the night came when Cole, who blamed his poor performance on damaging his right hand early on, backed into the referee in the tenth, knocking him to the floor. Miller showed his mettle when pressing throughout and remaining unhurt, but he was ultimately unable to make his hard work pay off.