1994-09-11 Eloy Rojas w rsc 8 Samart Payakarun, Clarion MP Resort, Trang, Thailand - WBA

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1994-09-11 Eloy Rojas w rsc 8 Samart Payakaroon, Clarion MP Resort, Trang, Thailand - WBA. Referee: Larry Rozadilla. After starting slowly, the champion, despite being cut over the left eye, got going in the third round with jabs and combinations before going toe-to-toe with Payakaroon (126) and knocking him over in the fourth with a fierce right hook. With Rojas (125½) attacking the body and Payakaroon replying with solid lefts and uppercuts that appeared to weaken the Venezuelan it was anybody’s fight, and in the eighth Rojas sent in a stream of right uppercuts to the body which sent the Thai to his knees for a count of ‘eight’. Back on his feet Payakaroon looked done in, and after being dropped again the fight was stopped 55 seconds into the round.