1994-09-11 Eloy Rojas w rsc 8 Samart Payakarun, Clarion MP Resort, Trang, Thailand - WBA

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1994-09-11 Eloy Rojas w rsc 8 Samart Payakaroon, Clarion MP Resort, Trang, Thailand - WBA. Referee: Larry Rozadilla. After starting slowly, the champion, despite being cut over the left eye, got going in the third round with jabs and combinations before going toe to toe with Payakaroon (126) and knocking him over in the fourth with a fierce right hook. With Rojas (125½) attacking the body and Payakaroon replying with solid lefts and uppercuts that appeared to weaken the Venezuelan it was anybody’s fight. Then, in the eighth, Rojas sent in a stream of right uppercuts to the body that sent the Thai to his knees for a count of ‘eight’. Back on his feet Payakaroon looked done in, and after being dropped again the fight was stopped 55 seconds into the round.