1995-03-11 Dariusz Michalczewski w co 2 Roberto Dominguez Perez, Sports Hall, Cologne, Germany - WBO

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1995-03-11 Dariusz Michalczewski w co 2 Roberto Dominguez, Sports Hall, Cologne, Germany - WBO. Referee: Genaro Rodriguez. Making a terrific start using his feet and hand speed effectively, Dominguez (173¼) had the champion down with a heavy punch to the jaw in the opening round and looking extremely groggy before being saved by the bell. Despite Michalczewski (173¾) landing several solid lefts to the body at the start of the second that did not deter Dominguez, who fired back with rights to the head. Then, after Dominguez hurt Michalczewski and moved in for the kill he was smashed to the floor and counted out at 1.05 of the session, having taken a booming left hook to the jaw.