1995-05-17 Verno Phillips nc 12 Gianfranco Rosi, Sports Palace, Perugia, Italy - WBO

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1995-05-17 Gianfranco Rosi w pts 12 Verno Phillips, Sports Palace, Perugia, Italy - WBO. Referee: Paul Thomas. Scorecards: 115-113, 116-112, 116-114. Coming back to win his third world title at the age of the 37, and having been out of the ring since the previous September, Rosi (152¾) was in control of the fight for much of the way despite being cut over the left eye in the second round. Once Rosi had begun to force the bemused Phillips (154) around the ring the die had been cast and the latter took terrific punishment, especially when taken to the ropes. Although he tried hard to turn things around, Phillips, looking strangely off colour, was unable to keep the Italian away and was unable to get his boxing together. Rosi forfeited his WBO version of the title in June, having tested positive for amphetamines following the fight, and Phillips was reinstated as champion.