1995-05-27 Eamonn Loughran tdraw 3 Angel Beltre, King’s Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland - WBO

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1995-05-27 Eamonn Loughran nd 3 Angel Beltre, King’s Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland - WBO. Referee: Roberto Ramirez. Having made a decent start, winning the opening two rounds, Loughran (147) began to hook solidly to the challenger’s body in the third while ignoring the counters coming his way. Following a borderline left that crashed into his body, a furious Beltre (145¾) responded with a fast burst of punches before he turned away from Loughran with blood seeping from a long and deep cut on his right eye. After being led to his corner for an inspection by the ringside doctor, at 2.23 of the session the fight was over. The decision was first announced as a win for Loughran (w rsc 3), but on closer inspection the WBO decided that the injury to Beltre had been caused by an accidental clash of heads. Thus, after going to the rule book they changed the verdict to that of no decision as the bout had been halted prior to the end of the third round and ordered that the pair meet again.