1995-08-12 Paul Vaden w rsc 12 Vincent Pettway, MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - IBF

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1995-08-12 Paul Vaden w rsc 12 Vince Pettway, MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - IBF. Referee: Richard Steele. Having boxed his way to the front, despite a clash of styles, the champion was beginning to be pegged back by eighth round as Vaden (154) came more and more into the fight. By now Pettway (153) had strangely gone off the boil and while Vaden’s jabs were making inroads he needed to lift his work rate if he was to win the title. Although picking it up in the tenth, Vaden still had plenty to do and it wasn’t until the 12th that he really got himself going, firing in heavy punches from both hands to force a stoppage with just 27 seconds remaining. Afterwards it was disclosed that Pettway would have remained champion had he made it to the final bell, but the referee rightly felt that he had no choice other than saving him from taking further punishment when he wasn’t fighting back.