1995-10-17 Saen Sor Ploenchit w rsc 10 Hiroki Ioka, Prefectural Gym, Osaka, Japan - WBA

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1995-10-17 Saen Sorploenchit w rsc 10 Hiroki Ioka, Prefectural Gym, Osaka, Japan - WBA. Referee: Mitch Halpern. Despite looking to make a successful defence, Sorploenchit (111½) started slowly before picking up the pace in the fourth through to the fifth rounds, but as he tired Ioka (112) was unable to take advantage. In the seventh session, Ioka was cut over the left eye following a head clash and Sorploenchit threw everthing into the attack, hammering his rival with heavy body punches and generally working him over. It was clear that Ioka was almost through and when he was knocked over by a left hook to the head and got up on wobbly legs the referee stopped the action on the 2.40 mark.