1995-12-09 Tom Johnson w pts 12 Jose Badillo, Hans Martin Schleyer Hall, Stuttgart, Germany - IBF

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1995-12-09 Tom Johnson w pts 12 Jose Badillo, Hans-Martin Schleyer Hall, Stuttgart, Germany - IBF. Referee: Bobby Ferrara. Scorecards: 114-112, 115-111, 113-113. Having boxed his way to the front over eight rounds, Johnson (125¾) looked well in control of the situation against the undefeated Badillo (125½), who despite impressing as a smart little box-fighter had never looked like he would overcome the clever champion. However, that all changed in the ninth after Johnson had been thumbed in the left eye. When it became clear that Johnson was suffering, Badillo picked up the pace and tore into his man, inflicting even more damage, but after dumping Johnson twice in the 11th he was unable to finish matters and had to settle for a narrow points defeat.